Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Restaurant Week: Craft Bar

I had the pleasure of going to Craft Bar for restaurant week. 3 course lunch for $25? Yes please.
Everything was really, really good. Here's what Paula and I ate!
Pecorino cheese fonduta 
Seriously so delicious! Sweet & savory, cheesy, and a nice texture and balance.
Risotto balls
Veal meatball hero 
Eggplant panini
The veal meat balls were so tender. Literally melted in your mouth.
The panini was simple but had such flavor. And those side of chips were perfect.

Flourless chocolate cake
Panna Cotta

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Today I awoke craving a nice hearty brunch. I looked around my kitchen to see what I could make and decided that huevos rancheros would be perfect!
Here's my easy-to-make version of a popular Mexican breakfast dish.
What you'll need: Eggs, corn tortillas, one large tomato, one medium sized onion, salsa, hot sauce (I'm using Valentina because it's great), 
cheese (you can use shredded or queso fresco), pickled or fresh jalapenos, avocado and beans.
Toss the chopped up tomato and onion in a greased pan.
While it's sautéing, chop up a little bit of jalapeno and toss it in the pan.
While that cooks, cut your avocado.
Once it's all lightly browned pour in your salsa and hot sauce. Depending on how chunky you like it add more or less salsa. 
If you like it spicier and not as chunky add more hot sauce.
While that thickens, start heating your tortillas. You can just heat them so they stay soft or let them get crispy. (I like my tortillas with a slight crunch)
I'm heating up left over beans from yesterday but you can use canned black beans or canned refried beans.
As for the eggs, make them sunny-side up. Don't over cook them! The yolk should be somewhat runny.
Spread the beans on the tortilla along with the salsa.
Place the eggs on top of the beans and salsa sauce. Put as much cheese and avocado as you want and enjoy!