Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Homestay Moments

During my stay in Guatemala, I lived with a Mayan family for about six weeks in Concepcion, Solola. Concepcion is a predominantly indigenous farming township located in the mountainous region of the Lake Atitlan area. I studied their culture, language, and Guatemala's civil war history. I specifically worked on a spatial ethnography on Kaqchikel households and the 
social aspects that accompany residential space distribution.
My homestay mom would always wear her hair braided like this. Very traditional for older generation Mayans.
The entrance to the outhouse stalls and shower.
little Seida and I.
 My desk and bedroom.
 The tienda that was run out of my host family's house.
Since I was in Central America I got to eat yummy Colombian candy that I grew up on. The lollipop pictured is watermelon.
Babies are carried in a tzute. Tzutes are hand woven 30x30 clothes.
 My homestay moms daily weaving. She is weaving trajes which are traditional clothing worn by the indigenous.
 Playing in the unused truck in the barn area of the house.
 Laundry day was everyday. Everything is washed by hand.
Remnants of a flower carpet made for Corpus Christi.
Making tortillas. Tortillas are made fresh and eaten with every meal.

Bits + Pieces: Guatemala