Saturday, December 15, 2012

Food Marathon 2k12

One of my good friends and I share a passion for food. We don't eat to live, we live to eat. Yesterday we started our food marathon (greatly coined by this puta previously mentioned) in this great cafe in Park Slope called Four & Twenty Blackbirds.

We specifically went there to eat the salted caramel apple pie. But I looked at the menu and I ended up ordering a slice of sweet potato apple crumble. Which was a great choice! It literally was a 10 out of 10. It wasn't too sweet, the crust was thick and flakey..It was just heavenly.

Paula ended up getting the salted caramel apple pie which was delicious.

If you end up going there make sure to say yes when they ask if you want whip cream! It's really good! 
Its creamy as all fux and surprisingly not sweet as all. It's actually slightly refreshing. It's perfect for dipping a fork full a pie in. 

After devouring our pies, we just hung out there for a bit drinking coffee, talking about my medical anthropology paper, and looking up the vendors at Brooklyn Bazaar Night.Which we ended up going to later that night and sharing a salted caramel ice cream cone. It was so good I didn't even take a picture of it! 

After Four and Twenty Blackbirds we headed to The Meatball Shop in Williamsburg. 

I order a glass of one of my favorite beers: Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA for only $3!
As for the meat balls..FUCK. I can't even explain how good those meat balls were. My taste buds were literally climaxing bite after bite. 
I ordered it with pesto and a side of mashed potatoes. Not only was the food incredible, it was pretty cheap! Twelve bucks for my plate.

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