Monday, May 20, 2013


This past month has been busy and filled with paper writing, studying, shooting for The Campus (I'm a staff photographer for my school's campus news magazine), and getting everything together for my trip to Lake Atitl├ín, Guatemala. I'm leaving in 4 days! 
Its a seven week long trip. I'm doing ethnography work and living in the mountains with a modern day Mayan family. Ah exciting!
These two are my fellow Anthropology majors.
These photos were taken for a Anthropology Department piece for the campus magazine I photograph for.

This is something I shot for The Campus for our 5th issue. This was taken on Lavender Week, which is 
basically a carnival/party filled with music, food, free stuff, and games.
Shepard Hall.
Sign outside of Milk Bar. TREAT YO' SELF
View from the High Line
My room has been super messy lately
Metropolitan Ave subway station.

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