Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tamale Birthday Party

Today my host mom invited me to go to her daughter's house for tamales. Her granddaughter was turning 14. In Guatemala, specifically indigenous people, celebrate birthdays by making chicken tamales. I love tamales. My grandma makes the best Colombian double meat tamales. (just in case you missed it: my grandmas tamales.) Their tamales were equally delicious but completely different. The masa they use is made out of ground rice instead of corn! The texture was great; the sauce was flavorful and made out of tomatoes and spices. Here's photos from my day:
Mother and daughter. (My host mom and host sister)
3 minute video of tamale making, chatting and laughing.
(They are speaking their native Mayan language Kaqchikel)


  1. This is so awesome. This lifestyle is insane!

    1. Dude it's been a great experience thus far. Hearing Kaqchikel on a daily basis is so cray and cool. I've been trying to learn but it's really hard.